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Melbet Uganda Takes On Sponsorship of Kyetume F.C

Melbet Uganda and Kyetume FC Sponsorship Deal

MelBet Uganda has taken on the sponsorship of StarTimes Uganda Premier League club Kyetume FC in a multimillion deal to see the Mukono side facilitated throughout of the 2020/21 Uganda Premier League season that set to commence on the 3rdDecember 2020.

Kyetume football club finished 11th with 30 points from 25 games last season after the league ended prematurely due to the coronavirus crisis that forced a halt on all football activities in Uganda.

Having faced some downturns during the season and now the COVID crisis, the club will benefit from MelBet’s noble gesture of supporting Uganda Sports through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

MelBet Uganda will support Kyetume FC on the acquisition of the season’s match and training kits, Welfare of players, talent development and other operational expenses.

The Partnership has been defined as a marriage that will see the two parties work together for the long term on an undisclosed amount inclusive of a revenue share.

South African born Elon Musk surpasses Bill Gates as the 2nd richest person in the world

Elon Musk and Bill Gates who is richer

Billionaire and business magnate Elon Musk is currently the second richest person in the whole world after his wealth skyrocketed by $7.2Bn surpassing the Microsoft Mogul and philanthropist Bill Gates.

The Tech entrepreneur net worth rose to $128Bn according to the Bloomberg Billionaires index on Tuesday leaving behind Bill Gates who is less than half a billion lower at $127.7bn. Musk’s wealth rose fast after the market value of his car company Tesla rose to over $500Bn raising the net worth of Elon Musk. By Wednesay, Musk’s net worth had risen to $136Bn while Bill Gates’ net worth also increased to $129Bn

Who is Elon Musk?

Musk was born and raised in Pretoria South Africa by a South African and Canadian model Maye Musk and a South African father Errol Musk. He is a tech entrepreneur well known for his car company Tesla cars which is currently the most valued car company in the world despite producing and selling a small fraction of cars compared to cars sold by companies like Japanese Toyota, Germany’s VW and America’s General Motors.

Elon Musk and Bill Gates who is richer
Elon Musk left, Bill Gates right

Musk is also the founder, CEO and CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp) a multibillion aerospace manufacturer and space transportation  company, who are the manufacturer of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 that launched a week ago taking 4 Astronauts to International Space Station. He was also among the team that founded and developed PayPal Holdings one of the most popular online payment systems in the world.

The Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos remains comfortably in the first position with $182Bn.

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Bobi Wine named East Africa’s richest musician ahead of Chameleone & Diamond

Richest Artists in East Africa 2020

Ugandan Musician Bobi Wine aka Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu has been named the richest music in East Africa topping his closest rivals Uganda’s Jose Chameleone and Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz in the latest rankings of November 2020.

The list was released by Tuko Kenya the largest online newspaper in Kenya after making research basing on musicians earnings and investment assets. Bobi Wine’s net worth was estimated to be $7M which is approximately UGX 26Bn while Jose Chameleone who was number 2 had an estimated net worth of 6.2M. Diamond Platnumz came at number 3 with 5.1M.

Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan artists did not make it to the list that was dominated by Tanzania’s artists. South Sudan and Burundi music is still struggling hard to break border walls into other East African countries whereas Rwanda has of recently had musician that have shined in the East African region like Omni Dimples, The Ben and Knowles.

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Uganda’s musician Eddy Kenzo did not make it to the list of top 10 richest artists in East Africa despite an increase in his earnings and investments recently. Eddy Kenzo of has of recent increased investments in Mortgages, agriculture, real estates and is yet to construct a beach in Mukono.

Bobi Wine’s sources of wealth include music, real estates, a beache, politics, transport sector and agriculture. While Chameleone’s main sources of music include music, brand endorsements and is currently entering in the media industry.

Diamond Platnumz earns mainly from music that sells across the continent and his music label Wasafi Records in addition to his media company that owns among others Wasafi TV in Tanzania. Kenya had Jaguar a musician, philanthropist and a politician, Female artist Akothee and rapper Khaligraph Jones.

Here is the full list of 10 richest East African artists released by Tuko Kenya.

  1. Bobi Wine – Ugandan Musician and Politician $7M (UGX 26Bn)

2. Jose Chameleone – Ugandan Musician and Politian $6.2M – (23Bn)

3. Diamond Platnumz – Tanzania’s singer and businessman $5.1M

4. Alkiba – Tanzania’s singer $5M

5. Lady JayDee – Tanzania’s singer and businesswoman $3.9M

6. Jaguar – Kenyan artist and philanthropist $3.2M

7. Akothee – Kenyan artist and businesswoman $3.2M

8. Professor Jay – Tanzania’s legendary singer and politician $3.1M

9. Bebe Cool – Ugandan Musician $500,000 (UGX 1.86Bn)

10. Khaligraph Jones – Kenyan Rapper $400,000

Tanzania’s Rayvanny, Kenya’s Sauti Sol music group, Willy Paul and Tanzania’s Mdee Vanessa are also some of the artists that missed on Tuko’s list.

Uganda Police website down, here is what happened

Uganda Police Force

Uganda Police official website is currently down and not accessible to users a condition that has taken more than 24 hours so far. The page when visited brings a suspension page from the popular hosting company Hostgator.


An account on twitter claiming to be an anonymous hacker claims responsibility of the hacking saying that they have taken down the Police web service  in response to police brutality.

The account has a twitter handle @YourAnonCentral and has an excess of 5.9 Million followers and has been doing online activism in various countries in many languages all over the world.

Anonymous’ post claiming responsibility 

“Exposing Human Rights abuses from around the world. Reporting, resistance resources, & Anonymous updates. Actions Not Nouns. We do not forgive” is what reads on their twitter bio.

Anonymous twitter account is run by a group of unknown people who expose various injustices in governments, companies, organizations and other interstate organizations.

Uganda Police Force
Ugandan men and uniform, responsible for keeping law and order

What happened to the website?

Hosting company Hostgator suspended the website and redirected its entire URL (links) to the suspended page.

Police Website
How the web page looks when visited

Hostgator suspends a website that has failed to follow is terms of use which include but not limited to:

  • Failure to pay periodic hosting fees that are paid either monthly or yearly;
  • Posting content that is illegal like copyrighted content
  • Excessive usage of CPU, disk space and other resources by the website can also cause the website to be suspended.
  • Agreement between the reseller of hosting and Uganda Police that has been violated with non pay and the reseller chose to suspend the hosting account of Uganda Police Force.Resellers are retailers who buy packages from hosting companies and resell them to their clients.
  • If Hostgator finds a security issue on the website;
  • Any other action that violates Hostgator Terms of use.

Uganda Police is yet to clarify why the website is down showing that it’s suspended.

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Bobi Wine charged with ‘aiding the spread of a deadly disease’


Presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has been charged at the police following his arrested today on Wednesday morning.

The charge sheet from Luuka Police station signed by Deputy/SSP Taremwa Moses charged Bobi Wine with ‘Doing an act likely to spread infectious disease, CS/ 171 of the penal code act.’

Bobi Wine was arrested on allegations that he was holding a rally having more numbers than the 200 limit set by the electoral commission as means to control the spread of COVID-19.

Bobi Wine the NUP Flag bearer who is currently under arrest

“Hon Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu and others still at large on 18/11/2020 at around 11:00hrs at Luuka Town council, Luuka District, knowingly or having reason to believe that it was likely to spread infectious disease mobilized and addressed a campaign rally of more than 200 people who were not respecting standard operating procedures of electoral commission and ministry of health an act likely to spread infectious disease” The case read.

Police Charge sheet

Bobi Wine is still detained inside police cells.

Here is why Bobi Wine was arrested by Police in Luuka District


Presidential aspirant Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has been arrested by the Ugandan Police on Wednesday morning and taken to Nalufenya Police Station. Bobi Wine was arrested from the campaign grounds in Luuka District where he had gone to talk to his supporters.

Why was Bobi Wine arrested?

Police arrested Bobi Wine following a directive from the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola that was issued on Wednesday morning against candidates who hold rallies having a number bigger than the allowed 200 people in order to control the spread of the deadly COVID-19.

“Despite repeated warnings issued to candidates, their agents and wider public about the negative impact and health risks of holding unauthorized rallies and processions, we continue to witness acts of defiance and total disregard of the EC guidelines. Therefore, those who shall defy these Electoral Commission guidelines with their sinister plans aimed at disrupting the Electoral process will definitely suffer consequences.” a statement from IGP Ochola

Bobi Wine in a police van. Photo by Daily Monitor

Police accused Bobi Wine and his National Unity Platform for having more than 200 supporters on the rally which was more than the allowed number. After a scuffle between Bobi Wine supporters and the Police, Bobi Wine was arrested and taken to Nalufenya Police Station.

“We have therefore, adopted a tougher approach to preserve the integrity of the electoral process. We have dispatched our specialist teams and quick reaction teams, to identify ring leaders (and principals) for apprehension in the face of crime. We have disseminated our comprehensive policing plan to all territorial commanders for them to implement without fear or favor.” Police’s statement further said.

NRM Supporters have been holding processions and rallies having more people than the allowed number but none of them have been arrested. A procession of artists led by Bebe Cool has been seen in various towns holding mass processions whenever Museveni holds his campaign meetings.

NRM Procession in Gulu on 16th November 2020
NRM Procession in Gulu on 16th November 2020

Uganda Airlines’ Airbus makes its maiden flight


Uganda’s Airbus has taken its maiden flight as it gets prepared for business in the country Uganda.

The plane that was ordered by Uganda’s national carrier, the Uganda Airlines was tested yesterday in Toulouse France and has successfully completed its flight test.

Airbus company shared the photos of the Ugandan plane flying captioning them Beautiful! Take a look at @UG_Airlines ‘ first #A330neo taking off on its maiden flight. The new A330neo will support the airline’s business expansion while offering passengers an enhanced travel experience.”

Uganda Airlines’ Airbus on the airport

A330 Neo left the painting shop in October this year and is expected to land in the country in December to add itself to the fleet of Uganda Airlines.

Airbus in the sky

Government to introduce Digital tax to streaming sites like Netflix & Itunes

Streaming Services

The government of Uganda through the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development is set to introduce Digital tax that will see over the top companies that carry out streaming to pay for tax to the Ugandan government.

Companies targeted by this Digital tax include  mainly subscription streaming sites like Apple’s music streaming site Apple (iTunes), Spotify which is also a music streaming site, Netflix, Walt Disney’s Video on Demand (VOD) site Disney plus, Amazon’s Prime Video and many others.

The government says that these companies make a lot of money in Uganda and leave without paying a shilling but rather take taxes to their home countries. The government is also seeking to broaden the tax base to increase its revenue in order to finance its recurrent budget.

Steaming Services
Companies will have to declare how much they earn from Uganda

Digital Tax will be the second tax to be levied on Over the top media companies with the first being OTT Tax which was introduced in 2018 that mainly affected social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and WeChat.

Unlike OTT which is paid by direct consumers, the government plans to tax companies directly basing on the gross revenue they earn from the country.

“We can amalgamate or match the transactions that have been done in the country or together with their value and we tax that based on the gross. We can have a tax linked to gross revenue from Uganda but we need a corporation” Moses Kaggwa who the Director of Economic Affairs in the Ministry of Finance told Next Media Services’ Nilepost.

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Subscription based streaming sites are on increase with Netflix a popular movie streaming site leading. Netflix is one of the top 10 most visited sites in Uganda according to Alexa, a web ranking site, which shows how popular Netflix is. Besides Netflix, other popular sites include Disney +, a streaming site owned by Walt Disney, Apple Music, Spotify and others.

The success of this tax will depend partly on cooperation between streaming companies and the government of Uganda.

Uganda beats Kenya & Rwanda in importing very old cars, UN Environment report


Despite recent attempts by the government of Uganda to reduce on the number of imported old cars, Uganda continues to lead other East African neighbors Rwanda and Kenya in importing used cars by average age. This makes carbon emission in Uganda a quarter higher than that of Kenya.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme report named released on October 26th, 2020, The Used Vehicles and Environment 2020 report, the average age of old cars imported in Uganda is at 15.4 years more two times higher than that of Kenya which is 7.2 years with Rwanda also ranking as high as 15 years.

In 2018, the parliament of Uganda passed a law banning importation of used cars which are 15 years and above old from the year of manufacture. Which is expected to lower the number of old cars above 15 years in the country. Kenya has a limit of importing only cars that below 8 years since the date of manufacture while Rwanda and Tanzania have no age limit.

Between 2015 – 2018, Uganda imported 27,156  cars from Japan alone.

Nigeria tops African countries in importing used cars and is the third in the world only behind United Arab Emirates and Mexico. According to the report, 14 Million light duty vehicles were exported to low and middle income countries between 2015-2018, with more than half of these being ending up in Africa.

Tanzania leads by volume of the used number of cars imported followed by Kenya and then Rwanda, though Uganda leads Kenya and Rwanda in importing old cars by average age which rose from 8.1 years in 2005 to 15.4 years in 2014.

The average Kenyan used cars imported emit carbon 177.4 gCO2/Km each, Rwanda 220 gCO2/km while Uganda soars high with 313.9 grams of Carbon dioxide per kilometer.

Kampala ranks one of the most polluted cities in Africa with pollution coming mainly from untreated factory waste and pollution from vehicles.

Uganda also ranks one of the 46 African countries in the same report in countries with very weak or no carbon emission regulations.

Most of used cars imported in East Africa are from Japan with Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda ranking among top ten of Japanese used car exports.

Dickson Mushabe appointed as an International Partner by WBAF

Mushabe Dickson

Ugandan tech entrepreneur and public speaker Dickson Mushabe has been appointed as the International Partner for Uganda by the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF).

The CEO and founder of Hostalite one of the largest website designing and hosting companies in East Africa received the good news of his appointment yesterday on November 11th where he joined other 218 members that act as International Partners of WBAF in various countries across the globe.

World Business Angels Forum is an organization which is committed to empowering the economy through efforts that ease access to finance for startups, entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and innovators. The organization is a partner of G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI).

Upon receiving the news, the author of Uganda’s bestselling book I Am not Sorry for my Mistakes, Mushabe thanked WBAF for the appointment and promised to help in empowering businesses.

Mushabe Dickson
Dickson Mushabe, CEO and Founder of Hostalite

“Just received wonderful news of my appointment as International Partner for Uganda by the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF)…………. this is a huge step to fulfilling my passion of empowering businesses.” Said Mushabe.

World Business Angels Investment Forum has operations in 115 countries with 500 representatives, 35 high commissioners, 203 senators, 219 international partners and 44 faculty members.

Kuda Bank, Nigeria’s start up mobile bank gets $10M seed fund

Kuda Bank

Africa’s Kuda Bank has announced having received 10 Million as seed fund, the largest ever of any startup company in Africa.

Kuda Bank is a Nigerian Bank that offers banking solutions to individual consumers and yet to enroll Small and Medium Enterprises through their mobile phones. The Bank is the first of its kind in Africa and offers banking services only through their Mobile Phone apps.

The seed fund was from various of investors who include The Target Global, the Giant VC from Europe, with Entree Capital and SBI Investment also among the companies, Denmark investor the founder of Holvi Johan Lorenzen, Raffael Johnen the founder of Auxmoney, Brandon Krieg and Ed Robnison who the founders of Stash plus Oliver and Lish Jung who are investors in Nubank, Revolut and Chime.

Kuda Bank CEO says that the company targets the whole African continent and does not only intent to provide their services to people on the planet of Africa but also to Africans who are in diaspora.

We want to bank every African on the planet, wherever you are in the world,” CEO Babs Ogundeyi said in an interview

Kuda Bank
Kudo Bank CEO Babs Ogundeyi

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa both by Gross Domestic Product nominal and GDP by Purchasing Power Parity. The country is leading in the innovations in the technology in Africa with various transcontinental tech giants coming from the West African country. Jumia the largest e commerce website in Africa is from Nigeria, in addition to Interswitch, PayStack, and many others.

Kuda Bank was launched in 2019 and started working immediately in the home country Nigeria as it prepares to launch in other African countries. The Bank does not charge any transaction fees and has so far attracted more than 300,000 customers countrywide.

Patrick Amuriat Oboi set to launch campaigns in Soroti tomorrow


Presidential aspirant Patriack Amuriat Oboi – POA who is also the FDC President and Party flag bearer is set to launch his campaigns tomorrow from his home district of Soroti.

The barefooted candidate will be in Soroti town tomorrow where all FDC officials will be as official campaigns for the 2021 general elections begin. The event will take place at Soroti Sports Ground.

Presidential candidates have been given 60 days for the campaigns to transverse through the 134 districts of Uganda and the capital city Kampala. Bobi Wine will launch his campaigns in his ‘Mecca’ Arua while Museveni will launch the campaigns in Luwero as usual.

Mugisha Muntu will launch his campaigns in Makindye Division of Kampala, while John Katumba is yet to know where he will launch his campaigns from.

Patrick Amuriat is one of the key candidates in 2021 one elections being the flag bearer from the second largest party in Uganda by the number of Members in the parliament in Uganda.