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Things you should put in mind when looking for a job

Looking for a job is one of the most stressing things in Uganda. With a labor market where supply is exceedingly higher than demand, getting it has now become one of the miracles that can be performed with biblical Moses’ stick.

When looking for a job, there are things that you need to do and things you should keep in mind in order to reduce the stress of job-hunt and get a it as soon as possible and here they are:

1. Brand yourself

Good jobs will not find you seated. In Uganda, over 80% of them are got from connections rather than merit. So the more you make people know you and the quality of a person that you display have a lot to do with your chances of getting a it.

Start with polishing your image on social media. Don’t be that person who posts everything you find in every group of Mama Walcot, Mama Jane and Taata Musa. Very many people have confessed to have got job connections and appointments from their social media friends after following what they post online. Engage yourself in professional groups, online and offline groups of your profession. Other related fields in your profession plus engaging in meaningful discussions. Building a brand helps you now and throughout your career.

2. Look for a job while you are still employed.

If you are employed, whether underemployed or on contract employment, don’t let the job to first expire in order to find another. Don’t leave that underpaying job before you get another job. Job hunting stress increases when you are not employed, the pressure increases and need to get a job soon might end you up into a depression. However looking for a job when you are still employed elsewhere gives you ample time and helps to keep financially stable able to finance costs needed in job hunting. Frictional unemployment is as bad as total unemployment.

3. Design a strong resume/CV.

CVs help people to get shortlisted for interviews or even hired straight away. Building a good CV increases your chances of getting hired. A good resume should show your personal details, skills, education qualifications and working experience.

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4. Participate in Voluntary work.

You have hunted jobs for days, weeks, now its months and years, bro, try this. Apply for voluntary work in reputable companies. This helps to strengthen you CV’s working experience, increases your connections and it also connects you to potential employers since some companies prefer sourcing workers internally. Getting low paying jobs can help reduce financial stress during job hunting days and improving on your experience; strengthening your CV.

5. If you have no job, let job hunting be your full time job.

Jobs will not locate you. It’s you who need to locate them. Subscribe to jobs mailing lists online, visit those authentic websites that publish Daily Jobs etc, visit the career sections of big and medium companies online, corporate bodies, government parastatals, Non Governmental Organizations and International Bodies like UN, World Bank, Red Cross society etc. They always publish vacancies available. Company notice boards, local and national newspapers are also some of the sources of available vacancies.

6. Join LinkedIn.

Whereas it’s a fact that a few employers in Uganda source workers from LinkedIn, it’s also a fact that a few job seekers are on LinkedIn with well filled profiles. This creates your chances of getting a job connections from the world’s largest professional network.

7. Make use of your networks

Let your networks know that you are looking for a job. Do not hide the fact you are unemployed. This is a situation that is temporally and the more you hide it the longer it stays. In Uganda, 85% of jobs are filled and not advertised in mainstream media. Your networks would be of help should there be a placement at their company or in any company they know. Call them, have a coffee with them, let them know what you need and put them into use. What are friends for?

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