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How to write a good job application letter in 2021

Almost all formal jobs require you to have an application letter. In Uganda all job postings require you to submit an application letter alongside your documents and CV. This shows how strong an application letter is and why you must write and submit a perfect one if you are to stand chances of being considered.

Poorly formatted letters with grammatical errors, errors of omission, commission and repetitions are thrown away and not read by employers, a nice the application stands more the chances of you being called. Here is how you should write a good application letter in Uganda.

1. Understand the Job you are applying for.
The first and most important task to do is to make research about what the job requires; the roles, duties and responsibilities of the job you are applying for. Compare the job requirements with the skills that you are willing to offer. When writing an application, let it be a reply to the requirements of the job.

Some experts advise that its better you list job requirements in one column and your skills on the other side and write a Job application letter fulfilling the employer’s expectations.

2. Format

Use a business letter format. It should be on one page and must use good font type and size most preferably font size 12 and font type Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. Use proper line spacing 1.15 or 1.5 and indent everything including your address to the left.

After writing the letter, read, proof read again editing, editing and editing errors.

3. Address

i) Your Address

Start with your address, which must include your name, your street address, phone number, email and the date of writing. In Uganda, the street name might not be applicable since many streets are unnamed or not popular with the exception of a few streets in Kampala. Your village or your current town would be the next best alternative.

Do not include a Post Office number unless if you have your personal box office numbers. Box numbers of your former schools, former employers, don’t include them. The email is enough.


TEL :  07590323–1/ 07727914–
EMAIL: :exampleug@gmail.com

18th January 2020

ii) Company address

Skip a row before adding the company address.

Address the letter to the person/office indicated the job advert. Most of the time, Human Resource Manager. Unless indicated in the job announcement, do not include personal names, just address the letter to the Human Resource Manager. In rare cases where they do not indicate where to address the letter to, make an inquiry if there’s a department of Human Resource and if in any case that department is not there which a common case with SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Uganda, address the letter to Manager. Then include full address of the company most preferable in Capital letters.



iii) Salutation
In Uganda, all official letters must contain salutation with the exception of rare cases. Salutation is after the company address. Use Dear sir or Dear Madam when you are sure of the gender of the person you are addressing the letter to or else use Dear sir/madam
4. Reference.


As simple as that!

5. Main Body.

It’s good if you tell the employer how you came to learn that there is a vacancy at their work station. If you saw a newspaper advert, tell, if you saw it on TV advert, or from one of their current staff, include it.

So the first paragraph should be explaining simply the job you are applying for and where you saw the job listing.

The second and following paragraph should be paragraphs where you explain what you want offer to the company. In short, match your qualifications with the employer’s expectations. It’s in this paragraph where you summarize your skills and qualifications, experiences and goals. Make sure you sell yourself to the employer. You can even refer to your CV for more of your skills and experiences.

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‘I believe that I possess the nature and knowledge to excel in this position. I am not only well organized but I have also have a passion for creating a positive and productive work atmosphere’ Showing what you have to offer to the company.

An example of a paragraph where you show your strength.

“In my previous role at Kampala (U) Ltd, I supported the sales team and promoting the product of the company to 3 districts in Uganda, I also headed the team that introduced the company’s product to Rwanda for the first time where the company is currently making generating revenue from sales. With my interpersonal skills, customer relations, team work and field experience gained from the previous job, I am now able to handle a sales executive job and achieve the company’s target goals in time.”

Explain why you want to work with this company. Show interest in the company.

The last paragraph should be a polite conclusion, asking the employer to consider your application and promising to make a follow up.

‘I would be grateful for the opportunity to showcase my skills in a personal interview’ or ‘Attached is my CV and academic documents, hopefully, I will be considered for the interview’

Sign off with: Sincerely Yours, (the most courteous sign off when applying for a job) with your handwritten signature, typed name and contact.

In case of applications via email, you can scan your signature and place it there or you can put your name and contact.

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How to write a good job application letter in 2021

Almost all formal jobs require you to have an application letter. In Uganda all job postings require you to submit an application letter alongside...

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